Black Lotus Project

The Black Lotus Project (BLP) started as a collaboration between J. Christopher Dadefumi Fasanmi Fayemi Neal, founder of FluidbiDesign (FBD), and H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams, founder of the Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality (CCSS). BLP is a community healing and restoration project designed to address divisions and conflicts related to sexuality and gender in the Black community caused by biphobia, racism, and patriarchy.

BLP currently convenes a monthly gathering of Black/African descent men who are bisexual, pansexual, sexually fluid, questioning, queer but not homosexual, SGL but not strictly dickly, no labels and no limitations, multi-gender attracted, etc.

Future gatherings will include Black bisexual+ men and other members of the Black community who have internalized and been negatively affected by biphobia, racism, and patriarchy. We intend to combine healing circle and storytelling formats to provide Black bisexual men with opportunities to engage in mutual support and critical analysis of their experiences with each other and for Black bisexual men and other members of the Black community to discuss their experiences, build trust and understanding, eliminate stigma and prejudice, and build community.