Visual Artwork

Kabaka 1884 – Present by J. Christopher Dadefumi Fasanmi Fayemi Neal

No Homo | No Hetero, neither one or the other, all of the above, or none of the above. Even within contemporary black queer spaces where we might find like hearts, minds, and similar experiences there is still no cookie cutter idea of fluidity to safely slip ourselves into and become. Each current moving at its own pace, its own rhythm. Each of us gotta figure it out for ourselves–an emergent process revealing itself along the way.

The series of 12 mixed-media works, starting with ‘Kabaka 1884 – Present’ (6′ x 4.5′, acrylic / mixed media work on canvas), will explore that journey. Both figurative and non-figurative as well as semi-biographical, each piece will explore the psycho-spiritual and emotional spaces of manhood and masculinity as they inform the self-actualization process of sexually fluid men of African descent. J. Christopher Dadefumi Fasanmi Fayemi Neal’s approach to art making has always been one in which the the ultimate expression of the idea emerges from a lived experience involving hundreds of observations, conversations, choices, decisions, and¬† research that ultimately become mark making and material choices via an emergent process that allows the image to reveal itself along the way.