Applied Theatre

Working with Black (cisgender and transgender) men  who are bi+ (i.e., bisexual, pansexual, non-monosexual queer, and sexually fluid) and supporters, we will use applied theatre techniques to create original theatrical performances about their lives and the role of biphobia in them. Applied theatre is a set of theatrical, educational, and organizing models for working with people who are not trained actors in their community, usually not in theaters, to engage in social change or transformation using the creative resources of theatre such as movement, improvisation, storytelling, performance, play, and introspection. We want to present the realities, complexities, and diversity of the experiences of Black bi+ men in the communities in which they live through theatre to create opportunities for acknowledgement, healing, reconciliation, and empathy.

After each performance, we will hold a community forum for audience members to talk the themes of the play as well as the experiences of Black bi+ men in their community.